ERP Testing of SaaS Based Real Estate Website or Software System

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The client was a forward-thinking entity who envisioned a real estate website that would serve as a property marketplace. Knowing how stressful it can be to find the right apartment that meets user needs; the client wanted an end-to-end online real estate solution that would connect the tenant and owner. The aim of the client was to make buying or renting properties hassle-free. The client approached BugRaptors for real estate website testing of his SaaS based ERP.

Product Overview

As client already had existing multiple desktop applications, which were working independently, he wanted a centralized system, which solves the purpose of an independent system. The client then created a SaaS-based web application that was available for other property management companies, individual owner-tenants, and vendors so he hired BugRaptors as a third party testing vendor for testing erp modules.

  • The product is a SaaS based property management ERP to cater automation needs of Real Estate.
  • This SaaS model is a great option for property management companies and individuals to manage their Residential and Commercial Properties easily.
  • It includes Rent/Sell/Manage Properties along with their transactions, accounting information, general and financial reports, and payments. There is a separate portal for various user types.

Product Challenges


Ensuring new system covers all the existing functionalities

  • As the application was upgraded, the new system had to be verified and compared in terms of functionalities and features in the current system and the previous system.
  • It was ensured that everything works as expected in the new system and there are no loopholes.

Time Constraints

  • It was challenging to test a real estate application having very vast scope in all aspects of performance and quality.
  • Manually testing of every feature and functionality was costly and time-consuming, so it was another hurdle on the way to accomplish the goal.

Real-time Reports

  • Application had huge amount of records and reporting which was the main USP of an application. It was a tedious task to test so many(in lacs) records in a set time frame.
  • All reports were real-time and to check each instance of change in the system via reporting was time-consuming.

Successful Data Migration of the Existing Application

  • The system was up and running, and live users were using the app. It was a challenge for our testers to keep the data intact and ensure the data is in equivalence with the live application.
  • Data migration from the old system to new system; the data required evaluation and analysis under a new environment.

Ensuring New System Delivers Faster Performance

  • As mentioned earlier, the client had certain desktop applications, and the client wanted a centralized system.
  • It was a challenge to ensure the new system delivers faster performance.

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Product Solutions


Requirement Traceability Matrix

  • As the scope of application was vast, BugRaptors used RTM to cover-up the entire features and functionalities. Requirement traceability matrix was prepared, which helped us for test case coverage.
  • All the enhancements and changes were updated in test cases and RTM. This helped us in tracking that all functionalities had been covered while testing.


  • As it was a SaaS-based application and having vast modules we could foresee that regression testing would eat away our time, so we first ensure full test coverage.
  • Developing comprehensively automated regression test suites to increase reusability & maintenance
  • Tested various application portals and features with automated scripts written in Selenium web driver.

Database Testing

  • To tackle the challenge of data migration Database Testing came into the picture. All the reports, calculations and transactions were tested with a different set of queries.
  • To make sure the data is intact, we performed database testing on existing and the new data after migration into the new framework.

Accounting Assistance

  • To cater the real estate requirements one of our accounting expert guided test engineers throughout the application testing.
  • EFT process was tested with real-time scenarios for multiple countries. Budgeting and other financial requirements were verified with the help of financial reports.

Load Testing

  • We had to compare the client’s previous application performance with the new centralized ERP module. Therefore we performed load testing on the application and we closely work with the client to understand his user base so that his input was a frame to the appropriate input.
  • Based on our load test results development team did a various round of performance tuning. As a result, we could assure the client with the best-expected performance.

Tools And Technology

  • JMeter: Load testing tool to analyze the performance of an application through automated tests.
  • Selenium Webdriver: Automated testing framework for performance testing across different web browsers.
  • Java: Used for writing test scripts.
  • TestNG: Functional testing framework.
  • Operating System: Windows, Linux.

Client Benefits

Accurate Transactions Result:

  • By using standardized accounting methodology the product delivered to the client was highly accurate in terms of financial calculations and transactions.

Reduced Response Time:

  • By using our results and feedbacks from load testing setup, development team fine-tuned their code, which was causing performance issues. As a result application performance increased and presently client is very satisfied with the product’s overall response time.
  • Suggestions and feedback given by our professional ERP testers based on their domain knowledge were gracefully accepted, which in turn resulted many benefits to client.

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